Is there any known bugs?
No. New versions of product pass through intensive testing. Any known bugs fixed as soon as possible and bug fixed version sent to our customers.
Why ExcelExplorer doesn't works on PHP4?
There is many reasons. The main of those is:
  • Package intensively uses functionality provided only by PHP5 such as dereferencing - ability to made a calls like $class->method1()->method2();
  • In PHP4 found some critical bugs that causes to memory leaks and even scripts crashing when it intensively uses objects and references. It makes impossible to develop a clean and stable code;
  • Finally, for the present day PHP5 is the widely used and it installed on most of hostings, so it shouldn't be a problem.
How can I update product to the latest version?
New versions sent via email to all registered customers within 1 year after purchasing. If you change your mailbox or do not want to receive feature updates, please inform us: support@eephp.com
Can I use ExcelExplorer to store Excel file data into the database?
Yes. But take in mind that ExcelExplorer not store data into the database nor generate HTML page, etc. You can use ExcelExplorer to read all necessary data from Excel file. All other jobs could do your own script - store that data into the database, etc.
Can I limit what worksheets / cells show at web page (not just show all worksheets)?
Sure! ExcelExplorer only read data from an Excel file and what you see at on-line demo is another script (it included in distribution archive). You may modify that script to suit your needs.
Can I read charts from Excel file?
No. You can retrieve worksheet type in order to show or store that this worksheet has a chart type, but you cannot read data from it. However, we plan to add this functionality in the feature version of ExcelExplorer.
Is ExcelExplorer supports Mac Excel files?
Yes. If date cells are founded during exploring it will be automatically converted to the proper date no matter what date system has been used (1900 or 1904) to create Excel file.
Can I create Excel file using ExcelExplorer?
No. The purpose of ExcelExplorer is to read data from binary Excel file. However, we plan to add this functionality in the feature version of ExcelExplorer.
I urgently need some new feature, but ExcelExplorer does not supports it. Is it possible to include it in the next version of the product?
You can write a letter at support@eephp.com with detailed description of feature you need, and if we decide that it can be useful to other customers it have all chances to be included in the next release of the product.
If ExcelExplorer capable to handle large files (greater than 1 Mb)?
Yes. ExcelExplorer optimized for memory usage and speed. Since version 3.0 it has memory-safe mode, which gives the ability to read data from huge files (tens of megabytes). ExcelExplorer have been tested on files about 800 megabytes and it works correctly. However there is a potential risk to exceed maximum script execution time (30 seconds by default) or available amount of memory. To avoid this use set_time_limit(0) to set infinite execution time. You may also need to change post_max_size and upload_max_filesize parameters in your PHP.INI file.
I paid the money more than 1 hour ago but still haven't my copy received at my mailbox. What shall I do?
Please contact sales@eephp.com and we process your order manually.