Refund Policy

Because our products are digital software, delivered instantly once payment is received, and are available as try before you buy, our customers can test the products before buying them and determine that:

    1.    - It is the correct software to help them with their tasks
    2.    - It runs correctly on their computer and is compatible with their operating system

For these reasons we offer no refunds as a matter of policy, however a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee exceptions are made under the following circumstances:

    1.    - The software appears to be not as described
    2.    - The customer is experiencing a problem or bug with the software that cannot be solved by our developers in less than 30 days
    3.    - The software fails to perform correctly on any of the advertized features that could not be tested in the "try before you buy" version

In these cases, we'll issue a full refund of your purchase 30 days after your purchase

Refunds will not be honored on license names that were provided incorrectly during purchasing. License information can be changed at time of renewing.