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Chapter 14. ExcelExplorer class

Class ExcelExplorer

(ExcelExplorer 4.0)

This is the main class of the ExcelExplorer package. This is the only class that can be directly used (i.e. created by the new() operator in external application).


To use ExcelExplorer you must include ExcelExplorer.php file in your script and create an object from "ExcelExplorer" class:

require 'ExcelExplorer.php';

$ee = new ExcelExplorer();

No parameters need to be passed to the constructor during the object creation. Note that you can create one object and works with many Excel files using it, but it is strongly recommended to use one object per Excel file.

Extracting Data

After object creation you can start to extract data from an Excel file. There are two available methods to do this - ExploreFile() and ExploreString(). First method parse Excel file and ExcelExplorer read and operate with the file itself; the second one receives string that contains Excel file. In the second case file must be readed by the external code and passed to this method. You can pass various options to these methods controlling how to extract data and what exactly must be readed from an Excel file. See information of all available options in descriptions of these methods (ExploreFile() and ExploreString()).


Version - Get current ExcelExplorer version
ExploreFile - Read data from a binary Excel file
ExploreString - Read data from string that contains readed Excel file
ExploreWorksheet - Read data from a specified worksheet
WorksheetsNum - Returns number of defined worksheets
Worksheet - Get EEWorksheet object for the specified worksheet
Column - Get EEColumn object for the specified column
Row - Get EERow object for the specified row
Cell - Get EECell object for the specified cell
false  Style - Get EEStyle object for the style with specified index
StylesList - Returns styles array (array of EEStyle objects) for all defined styles
false  Font - Get EEFont object for the font with specified index
FontsList - Returns fonts array (array of EEFont objects) for all defined fonts
false  Format - Get EEFormat object for the format with specified index
FormatsList - Returns formats array (array of EEFormat objects) for all defined formats
false  Image - Get EEImage object for the image with specified index
ImagesList - Returns images array (array of EEImage objects) for all defined images
SummaryInformation - Returns summary information of the document
Helper - Returns object of EEHelper class

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