On-line demo version

Click here to access ExcelExplorer Pro on-line demo.

Download demo version

You can download the demo version of ExcelExplorer Pro to view it possibilities and decide is it suits your needs. In order to run the demo version you need Zend Optimizer 3.3.3 installed. If you do not have Zend Optimizer you can download it for free from

Please note, that purchased software is not encoded. Therefore you do NOT need to install Zend Optimizer in order to use it. The demo version works on PHP 5.2 and earlier (due to the Zend Optimizer restrictions). Purchased version works on PHP 5 (including PHP 5.3.x)

Demo version restrictions:

With this demo you will be able to test all of the features of ExcelExplorer Pro (write your own script using its functions).

Download the ExcelExplorer Pro Demo now.